GATC-AMP Professional Development Program for Nigeria

From April 3
to April 17, 2024

Series of 5 online master classes (via Zoom) in English conducted by renowned professionals of the audiovisual industry with an approximate duration of 2 hours each on the following topics: Sales Agents and International Representation, Special Effects, Script Supervisor, Assistant Director, and Production Designer.

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The Program


To meet the needs for skilled crew to help ensure that Nigeria is prepared to receive international productions of film, series, and other audiovisual content.

Target Audience

Nigerian audiovisual industry professionals and recent film school graduates seeking to improve or update their expertise.

Master Classes and Tutors

TCFF 2019
Wednesday, April 3, at 7:30 pm
(Lagos time)

Sales Agents and International Representation

by Ira Deutchman

Ira Deutchman

Ira Deutchman has been making, marketing and distributing films since 1975, having worked on over 150 films including some of the most successful independent films of all time. He was one of the founders of Cinecom and later created Fine Line Features—two companies that were created from scratch and, in their respective times, helped define the independent film business. He was also a co-founder of Emerging Pictures, the first digital projection network in the United States and a pioneer in delivering live cultural events into movie theaters.

Currently Deutchman is an independent producer, and a consultant in marketing and distribution of independent films. He is also Professor Emeritus in the School of the Arts at Columbia University, where he has taught since 1987 and was the Chair of the Film Program from 2011-2015.

His current projects include serving as director/producer of the feature documentary "Searching for Mr. Rugoff" (opened in theaters in August, 2021), producer of the stage adaptation of Joan Micklin Silver’s "Hester Street" (opens April 1, 2024), producer of "Nickel & Dimed," based on the book by Barbara Ehrenreich and directed by Debra Granik (in pre-production) and executive producer of the mini-series based on the novel “Radio Girls” by Sarah-Jane Stratford (in development).

In 2017, Deutchman was awarded the Spotlight Lifetime Achievement Award by the Sundance Art House Convergence for his service to independent film marketing and distribution.

Stefano y Fabrizio Beninati
Friday, April 5, at 7:30 pm
(Lagos time)

Special Effects

by Stefano and Fabrizio Beninati

Stefano and Fabrizio Beninati

Stefano Beninati
Stefano studied as an industrial designer and mechanical engineering technician. He applied his wealth of knowledge to the film and television sector and now offers unique solutions through his company Frontier Production Services Inc. Today he has become a well recognized special effects coordinator, pyrotechnician and armourer working on some of the biggest shows in Netflix, Amazon, Nat Geo, Sony, and Universal studios. With his high level of professionalism and experience he has progressed to training the AHJ or authority having jurisdiction which governs all film sets in Ontario. As an ongoing project with his college he has become a business mentor to students and alumni helping them develop their personal skills and business ideas. Speaking at many public events he strives to teach others and spread his knowledge

Fabrizio Beninati
Fabrizio Beninati is a Special Effects Coordinator and Armour for the Film & Television Industry. Having studied in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, he developed a wealth of knowledge in designing, fabricating, and manufacturing. Fabrizio and his brother Stefano are the proud owners of Frontier Production Services Inc, which provides Special Effects, Armament, 3D Scanning & LiDAR scanning to provide a truly unrivaled service to the industry. It is because of his experience and knowledge that he now helps develop programs for the Film & television Industry in various countries and mentors students and individuals to apply themselves in these fields.

Wednesday, April 10, at 7:30 pm
(Lagos time)

Script Supervisor

by Mariana Gironella

Mariana Gironella

Mariana has worked as Script Supervisor for 36 years now on short and long feature films, as well as commercials in Mexico and abroad. She has participated in more than 60 films with directors such as Guillermo Del Toro, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nick Cassavetes and John Woo among others. More than 20 years ago, she started teaching Continuity sharing with the new generations all the skills that a Script Supervisor should have on set.

Friday, April 12, at 7:30 pm
(Lagos time)

Assistant Director

by Bernardo Jasso

Bernardo Jasso

Graduated from the CCC (Cinematographic Capacitating Centre) in México City as a Producer, also coursed Photography, Documentary Cinema, and Film Direction. He has been working in the advertising field as Visual Effects Supervisor, Motion Control Camera Operator and Assistant Director for commercials (Coca-Cola, Ford, Danone, Telcel, HP, to name a few.) for the last twelve years. Also worked as Assistant Director, Location Manager and Motion Control Camera Operator for Feature Films (Frida, Salon México, Troy, Legend of Zorro, Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto). He produced award- winning short-films and documentaries helping also in the visual concept design, animation techniques, Time Lapse Photography and Project Concept Strategies. Professional Traveler spent years exploring south East Asia, Europe and the American Continent. Conceptual Artist, Prankster and Stories of the World Collector. Now he incubates revolutionary documentaries that are already opening its way into the international film market.

Wednesday, April 17, at 7:30 pm
(Lagos time)

Production Designer

by Gloria Carrasco

Gloria Carrasco

Art Designer with 40+ Films and TV series. Producer and Designer of independent feature and short films. Art Design professor at the CCC Cinematographic Training Center*.

She was born in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. She studied at the now legendary CUT UNAM University Theater Center. His scope of creation covers cinema, theater, opera and television, interventions in urban spaces and interdisciplinary projects. She is a teacher at the CCC Cinematographic Training Center and the ENAT National School of Theater Art. She belongs to the Cornamusa collective. She is an active member of the AMCC Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

Among her awards are:
2022. NEW YORK FESTIVAL TV & FILM AWARDS. Bronce Award for Best Production Design & Art direction for “Malverde, el Santo Patrón"
2017. WORLD STAGE DESIGN TAIPEI. Bronce Award - Profesional Alternative. For Short film “Chinese Box”. Art Short film inspired & using a theater set.
2010. 52 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Ariel for Best Art Design. Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences México (AMACC) for the feature film “Backyard”.
2009. 51 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Best Art Design Nomination for the feature film “Desert Whitin” “Desierto Adentro” (AMACC).
2006. 48 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Ariel for Best Art Design (AMACC) for the feature film “Mezcal”.
2009. FESTIVAL PANTALLA DE CRISTAL. Glass Screen Award. Art Direction IMCINE, “Nao of China”.
2003. FESTIVAL PANTALLA DE CRISTAL. Glass Screen Award. Art Direction - Discovery Channel “Crónica de una conquista” (A Conquest Chronicle).
2002 XVII GUADALAJARA FILM FEST Mayahuel Award for best Art direction with the film “Fairy Tale for crocodiles”.
2002. 45 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Nominee for best Art design (AMACC) for the feature film “Fairy Tale for crocodiles”.
2000. Mexican Theater Critics (AMCT) Award for Best Set Design "Cena entre amigos".
1996. 38 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Nominee for best Art design (AMACC) for the feature film “No sender” (Sin remitente).
1995. 37 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Nominee for best Art design (AMACC) for the feature film “´Till death”.
1992. 34 ARIEL - MÉXICO. Nominee for best Art design (AMACC) for the feature film “Benjamin's woman” (La mujer de Benjamín).
1990. Second Mexico City Great festival. Award for best set design with the theater play “Clotilde en su casa”.

* CCC : Cinematographic Training Center, ranking as one of the best 10 schools for film in the world. Belongs to the Film system in Mexico IMCINE.

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GATC is a global audiovisual training center based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Founded in 2008 by Steve Solot, as LATC with an initial focus on the Latin American region, GATC expanded rapidly to other regions as the boom of online platforms for audiovisual content around the world created an increased need for qualified professionals.

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